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Wed, Mar. 28th, 2007, 06:54 pm
eris_devotee: (no subject)

Please use the following link to download the PDF for the Drape materials:

To prepare for the class on Substitution, please search the internet for 3 crochet patterns (for garments) that you like. Bookmark the pages that have the photos & pattern information, making certain that the recommended yarn is listed somewhere.

For our class on Substitution, we will take the knowledge from the Gauge and Drape portions of this seminar in order to recommend (and defend) possibly yarn substitutions. Everyone is invited to post (in comments) the links to their patterns. Or, you can send them to me in an e-mail, and I will make certain to post them myself.

Then, I would like everyone to make suggestions to each other about what yarns might be a good substitute. Be prepared to defend your recommendations -- I'm hoping this week's class will inspire some healthy debate.

A side note: do not take offense to criticism. Learning other people's uncensored opinions is the quickest way to learn from other DIYers. I'm not one to foster a kindergarten-like "let's get along" vibe -- that's not Art, that's recess. Art requires some fire, and a bit of passion, so don't be afraid to speak your mind, and don't instantly back down (or take offense) if someone disagrees with you.

To start us off, I've chose 2 patterns from the new Interweave Crochet magazine:

Deceptively Simple Stole
recommended yarns:La Lana Wools Phat Silk Fine
La Lana Wools Contessa Silk Bouclé
recommended hook: 4.00 mm

Weekend Jacket
recommended yarn: RYC Cashcotton
recommended hook: 4.5 mm

What yarns substitutions would y'all recommend for me?

Wed, Mar. 14th, 2007, 06:23 pm
eris_devotee: (no subject)

Welcome, all, to the second class of Gauge, Drape & Substitution, sponsored by the Crochet Academy at Art of Crochet.

Tonight's class materials are all on video. When you click the link, right below the video viewer is a drop-down box where you can select which version you would like to view.

Episode 2 of Gauge, Drape & Substitution

On Saturday, I will post up written materials for this class, as well as the assignment for the next class (which will take place 2 weeks from tonight on March 28th).

In the meantime, you could help me out A LOT by giving me information I need to start an online swatch database. If you could fill out the following form either here in comments, or by sending it to me in an e-mail (josi@iamintheloop.com).

1. Please list the Maker and Brand Name of all of the yarns you've used (seriously -- make your list as comprehensive as you want).

2. What yarn weight do you use most often?

3. What hook size do you use most often?

4. What aspects of crochet, or designing for crochet, do you wish to explore and learn about most?

Y'all Rock!

Thanks again to everyone who donated in support of our seminar and website. All funds were used directly in support of producing these episodes. (And all problems associated with Paypal charging for shipping have been cleared up, tested and tested again.)

For those of you who would like the chance to support us this week can either donate:

or consider purchasing one of our patterns (click pics for details):

Feel free to ask any questions below. I really enjoyed last week's Q&A and I look forward to chatting with everyone tonight!


Wed, Feb. 28th, 2007, 05:49 pm
eris_devotee: Gauge, Drape & Substitution: Week One

Hello all and thank you for attending. The question-and-answer portion of this class will run from 7:30pm to 9:00pm central standard time.

Although you do not need an account with LiveJournal to participate in this discussion, if you do not I ask that you sign your comments with your first name and last initial. Comments without this will be deleted.

I had a bit of technical difficulty this week, and the computer I normally use to create PDFs and render video is in repair. As a result, the video is, maybe, a touch less fabulous (well, a lot less fabulous if one is being honest) than I'd like. However, this gives me goals, and each week it'll get a little spiffier and a lot more fun.

For today, it's all a bit dry, but I have a lot of info for you, and a smidge of visual aids.

First, please view the video at the following link:

Episode One

Then, please download and read the following -- the following document is really the "meat" of tonight's class, and also contains your assignment for next week:

Basics of Gauge

The next 2 items are mentioned in the video, and it is up to you whether or not you would like to download/use them or not:

Gauge Tool

Swatchbook Template

I'll be back at 7:30pm to answer your questions. Thank you for attending.


P.S. If you love what we're doing, and would like to support our efforts (and help me purchase a decent microphone, among other things), please consider donating to Art of Crochet:

P.P.S. I wasn't able to create a PDF today, so if the file format of the Word Docs are not opening for you, please comment and I will try to upload an alternate version for you.

Tue, Feb. 27th, 2007, 09:43 am
eris_devotee: (no subject)

The Anna K will be the next pattern to be released on Art of Crochet.

The first seminar at the Crochet Academy. Here are the details for the first class:

If you wish to participate, please send me an e-mail (josi@iamintheloop.com) to sign up for the class. All materials will be available on the website, but participation in the live question-and-answer segment requires a reservation.

You can prepare for the first class of the seminar Gauge, Drape & Substitution by doing the following:


approx. 50yds DK to Light Worsted weight yarn

3 standard crochet hooks -- a 4.00 mm (US-G), a 5.00 mm (US-H) and a 6.00 mm (US-J)

rigid ruler, preferably clear plastic (not a measuring tape)


Select a DK to Light Worsted weight yarn. Anything you have in your stash will do, as long as you have at least 50 yards of it. Save the label, in order to compare your gauge with the listed gauge (or you can look this up on the internet later… most yarn companies offer that information on their websites).

For each hook size, crochet a square that is 25 sts x 25 rows. Measure, inside of the square, the length and width of 20 sts x 20 rows. Mark down this measurement in your notebook, making certain to mention the yarn and hook size. You can also label your swatch and save it for a swatchbook (this is a topic that will be covered in the seminar, along with why it's best to use a clear plastic rigid ruler to measure gauge, and a discussion as to why some yarn labels just get it plain wrong when it comes to their hook size recommendations).

The day of the seminar, the website will have a few nifty tools that will help you analyze your numbers -- and I'll bet you'll be surprised at all the information you will be able to gather about a yarn's drape by swatching in a few different hooks sizes! It'll be well worth your prep time, even if the assignment is simple I encourage even advanced stitchers to humor me, and participate by stitching up their swatches.

The question and answer portion of this event will here on LiveJournal. You don't even need to sign up. Everyone who registers will get an e-mail the day before the class begins, with instructions on how to log into our virtual classroom.

I hope to meet you there!